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The implementation of a comprehensive emergency prevention and response system begins long before the first workers arrive on site! The foundation of any effective and reliable system is based on rigorous research and planning. Contact us as soon as possible so that we can put our extensive experience and range of resources to work for your health and safety program every step of the way. 

We see to everything ! 

SIRIUSMEDx provides a comprehensive medical system that encompasses all aspects of medical support in remote areas, from project assessment to medical personnel and equipment requirements. With Sirius' carefully designed system, you can truly focus on your mission. 

Project Management

Our priority is to make sure you get off on the right foot! Our team conducts extensive research, analysis and preparatory work before we even start working on your site.  Our medical support system is designed down to the last detail to be easy to apply and simple to manage. 

Project Preparation

  • Reviews project specifications and location, as well as environmental parameters.
  • Reviews existing emergency response measures and plan.
  • Develops a detailed medical emergency response plan for the project.
  • Identifies local medical facilities and infrastructure and establishes contacts.
  • Provides comprehensive health and liability insurance coverage.
  • Establishes a comprehensive medical materials management system.
  • Prepares and packages all equipment, medical supplies and medications for delivery to the site.
  • Tailors its reporting system to the client's needs.
  • Provides communication tools adapted to the characteristics of the site.
  • Files all documents demonstrating compliance with permits, certificates and insurance.
  • Establishes the infirmary, equipment and supplies on site.
  • Provides medical personnel with the skills and qualifications required to meet the characteristics of your site or shipment.
  • Prepares all rotation schedules and makes travel arrangements for staff for the duration of the project.
  • Manages the employer's salaries, tax deductions and contributions, as well as any other compensation and other eligible employer expenses.
  • Complies with all health, safety and insurance regulations applicable in the workplace.réglements sur la santé, la sécurité et les assurances applicables en milieu de travail.
  • Manages schedule rotation and changes in staff travel schedules.
  • Provides ongoing supervision, management and off-site support.
  • Provides support and direction for off-site medical care.
  • Solicits and processes permits for extensions where required.
  • Processes medical staff logs, medical reports and patient/accident victim reports.
  • Processes orders for medical equipment and supplies.
  • Tracks medical equipment inventory.
  • Produces detailed reports of work-related accidents, illnesses and medical interventions.
  • Processes and tracks insurance and workers' compensation claims.
  • Collaborates with site managers on all health and safety related tasks.
  • Provides input to the site health and safety committee.
  • Provides course manuals, training materials and other supplies as required.
  • Packing medical equipment and supplies, and conducting closing inventory.
  • Conducts inventory of drug inventory.
  • Produces final reports for all medical treatments administered to employees during the project/mission/shipment.
  • Prepares and tracks inventory for future years/activities.
  • Produces final reports for projects/missions/dispatches.
  • Securely archives personal data and confidential medical reports.
  • Presents accurate and detailed invoices.

Medical Equipment and Supplies

Any meaningful remote medical system requires a solid infrastructure, top-notch medical support staff and appropriate equipment. SIRIUSMEDx provides inventories and ensures the preparation and management of the infirmary at your site (researching applicable regulations, inventory counts, sourcing, packaging, delivery, hazardous materials management, installation, storage, security and more).

Notre système de gestion médicale en régions éloignées représente la façon la plus économique d’assurer des soins de la plus haute qualité sur votre site. Vous minimisez vos dépenses d’équipement médical dispendieux ainsi que les coûts élevés de recherche.

Grâce à son système d’inventaire médical de conception exemplaire, SIRIUSMEDx assure

  • Compliance with regulations and legal requirements.
  • Medical supplies and medications that meet SIRIUSMEDx standards of excellence and comply with medical protocols used throughout the local medical system.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable medical staff, skilled in the use of the equipment you need.
  • Meticulous maintenance of the equipment, which is tested and updated regularly.
  • The selection of medications appropriate for your situation, the prescription of medications by our medical directors and pharmacists, and the safe storage and disposal when necessary.
  • The administration of appropriate medications by our on-site staff in accordance with emergency medical guidelines.
  • Efficient management of packaging and transportation of equipment at all stages of your project/shipping/mission.

We maintain full inventories of essential medical supplies and equipment so we're ready when you are! Through our network of suppliers and pharmacists, we are able to supply any type of medical facility, from mobile units and on-site infirmaries to medical clinics in remote locations.

  • IT equipment for medical staff: laptops, printers, scanners, backup units, communication tools.
  • Complete IT system: including up-to-date software licenses, medical references, medical intervention models, remote medical care software and others.
  • Medical evaluation instruments: sphygmomanometers, stethoscopes, otoscopes, ophthalmoscopes, digital thermometers, saturation meters, blood glucose meters and others.
  • Survival and Specialized Response Equipment: automated external defibrillators with monitoring and recording capabilities, respiratory intubation equipment, oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal cannulas, oxygen therapy equipment, oxygen cylinders, oxygen regulators, balloons, masks and others.
  • Management of head and orthopaedic injuries: back boards, spinal immobilizers, cervical collars, collapsible stretchers, inflatable splints and other restraint equipment, crutches and others.
  • Trauma management equipment: shears, dressing scissors, suture scissors, ring cutters, scalpels, hemostatic forceps, emergency response kits, examination lamps and others.
  • Instruments for Specialty Care Rooms: sharps containers, stainless steel instrument trays with lids, stainless steel beans, stainless steel irrigation containers, stainless steel wash basins, stainless steel urinals, bedpans and others.
  • Sterile and non-sterile dressings: adhesive tape, gauze, suture strips, bandages, hot and cold compresses, burn kits, first aid kits, personal protective equipment, N95 masks, syringes, needles, intravenous infusion sets, solutions and others.
  • Special kits: first aid kits, burn kits, eye wash stations and others.
  • Medical supplies and medications for: heart attack and angina, respiratory emergency, allergy, anaphylactic shock, metabolic disorder, pain management, infection control, cold and cough symptoms, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea and others.
  • Miscellaneous supplies: additional equipment, supplies and medications depending on the characteristics of the site or project.

If you already have medical equipment and supplies, contact us to discuss special arrangements.communiquez avec nous pour discuter d’arrangements spéciaux.


SIRIUSMEDx carries a comprehensive insurance policy that covers property damage, general liability (commercial), medical malpractice, medical malpractice lawsuits and public liability. In addition, additional travel accident insurance protects our employees, instructors, medical staff and subcontractors. Commercial General Liability and Medical Liability coverage is $5,000,000.

Repatriation avoided
following consultation
with our on-call doctors
4 000
have benefited from the
care of our medical staff
25 000
in isolated areas of Canada