Our training programs

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Que cherchez-vous comme formation ?


Secourisme en

régions isolées

Je suis un passionné de plein air ou j'aimerais connaître les rudiments de base en secourisme dans un contexte de régions isolées.

Durée : 20h


Secourisme avancé

en régions isolées

Je travaille dans l'industrie du tourisme d'aventure (ex : guide) ou je souhaite approfondir mes connaissances en secourisme afin d'être mieux outillé.

Durée : 40h


Premier intervenant

en régions isolées

Je suis intervenant désigné dans une équipe d'urgence ou responsable d'une équipe de plusieurs travailleurs en régions isolées. Je veux être prêt à tout !

Durée : 50h ou 80h

Vous n'êtes pas convaincu d'avoir trouvé ? Il reste également nos formations spécialisées... cliquez ici !

Vous pouvez également contacter le département de la formation pour vous aider à faire un choix :

info@siriusmed.com ou 514-509-2112 poste 300

Un peu plus sur nos programmes de formation...

SIRIUSMEDx is Canada's largest provider of first aid training in remote areas. The development of our course curriculum is based on over twenty years of research and field experience. Our program covers first aid in isolated regions, but also a wide range of specialized courses related to safety in isolated regions.

We serve the needs of industries, governments, scientific exploration groups, outdoor professionals and individuals who engage in outdoor activities and adventure travel. Consistent with standards and practices in a wide variety of industries across Canada, our courses cover topics that meet the needs of our clients.

Languages of Instruction: All our programs are offered in both French and English. In order to serve Aboriginal and Inuit communities that speak little or no of these two languages, we work closely with our local instructors to make our training programs accessible to Nunavut communities and northern regions of Canada. Isolated First Aid: Isolated First Aid refers to assistance provided in the wilderness or in a remote area. Isolated areas are defined as any area outside the normal ambulance and emergency medical services (EMS) deployment area. Examples of wilderness areas include whitewater canoe routes, local hiking trails, and isolated mining or logging operations.

Our instructors

Our experienced instructors come from various backgrounds and sectors (adventure guides, nurses, paramedics, first responders, military, rescue specialists, etc.), which allows us to adapt training to the diverse reality of businesses. Our programs are recognized by national occupational health and safety organizations in isolated regions. Our team includes more than 70 instructors deployed across Canada.

Sirius instructors are all passionate and professional people with strong teaching skills. They have undergone advanced training and gained extensive experience in teaching and leading groups in remote areas. Integrating years of field experience with proven teaching methods, they ensure that all Sirius training programs are always relevant and fully adapted to your needs.

Our instructors have various qualifications that are specific to their field of expertise, however all our instructors hold at least

  • Certified First Aid Training
  • First Responder, Emergency Medical Technician, Paramedic or Nurse Training
  • Extensive experience in remote areas and/or outdoors
  • Extensive experience in teachning
  • Knowledge and understanding of safety standards and management practices in specific industries
  • Knowledge of remote areas
  • Successful Intensive Instructor Training Program

Many of our instructors also have, in addition to the above qualifications:  

  • Recognized training courses
    • Pre-Hospital Trauma Care (PHTLS/ITLS)
    • Advanced Prehospital Care (AMLS)
    • Swift Water Rescue or vertical rescue
    • National Lifeguard
    • Search and Rescue
    • Snowslide Safety
  • Relevant Experience
    • First Aid in hostile environments
    • Survival
    • Wildlife
    • First Nations and/or with Inuit